Partners Products

bulletb  DigitalPersona | fingerprint readers, SDK kits and Pro Enterprise software

  pdf.png  DP_Pro_Enterprise_Software.pdf (375 KB)
  pdf.png  DS_4500_Fingerprint_Reader.pdf (399.35 KB)
  pdf.png  DS_5160_Fingerprint_Reader.pdf (450.63 KB)

bulletb  DataStore | electronic document management software

  pdf.png  DataStoreDSX_Document Imaging Software.pdf (429.58 KB)

bulletb  PolicyHub | policies and procedures life-cycle management software

  pdf.png  PolicyHub_Datasheet.pdf (227.58 KB)
  pdf.png  PolicyHub_Policy Management Software.pdf (70.88 KB)

bulletb  Integrated Solutions | Curve | fingerprint readers and SDK kits

bulletb  Panini S1 | range of MICR cheque readers and sorters

  pdf.png  Panini_S1_Transport.pdf (250.08 KB)

bulletb  Panini VX | range of desktop MICR cheque scanners
  pdf.png  Panini_Vision_X.pdf (796.69 KB)
  pdf.png  Panini_Vision_NeXt.pdf (321.12 KB)

bulletb  Panini I-Deal | range of remote deposit MICR cheque scanners

  pdf.png  Panini_i-Deal.pdf (595.06 KB)
  pdf.png  Panini_w_i-Deal.pdf (619.06 KB)

bulletb  Volante | Data and message integration software

  pdf.png  Volante_Designer.pdf (311.13 KB)
  pdf.png  Volante_for_SWIFT.pdf (328 KB)